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Oxevac (tub)

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Product Details
Brand: Oxevac

Made in the USA

Use Oxevac daily to clean and maintain suction pumps and evacuation lines

Oxevac will continue its peptizing action after initial cleaning, making it difficult for the compounds to stick to pipes and other components of your evacuation system.

  • Non-foaming, highly concentrated formula is very economical to use
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for all types of vacuum pumps
  • One box has 1 canister for a total of 60 cleanings
  • Great for cuspidors – just pour down the drain and reduce build up on the lines
  • Oxevac continues to work even after the pumps are turned off
  • Easy to use - mix one scoop with one gallon of hot water
  • Each treatment room needs 32 ounces of treatment at the end of each day

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